What I Think Of Nellie O'Malley!!!

I love Nellie! Thanks to Amanda for requesting her! (Note: All pictures from AG Playthings)
From AG:

Nellie : 1906
Nellie O’Malley is a girl who was hired to be a servant in the house next door to Samantha Parkington’s home. The two girls quickly become best friends, even though they have lived very different lives. The friendship they share helps Samantha learn some important lessons about life, and it helps Nellie® stay strong as she faces the challenge of keeping her family together. Practical and hardworking, she is the star of her story.

I LOVE NELLIE!!! I always thought there was just something about her, her soft wavy hair, or maybe her lovely eyes... I really like her meet dress too!

Well, to be honest, I love her accessories, but in the books she's like an extremely poor girl, the only things I think are ok are the cross necklace that was her mother's, and the Irish penny. The fancy hat and beautiful drawstring bag with the embroidered hankie inside are just too fancy.

I love her holiday dress! It looks so crisp and perfect on her! I just adore the plaid dress with the lace trim, velveteen sash, and matching hairbow!

 I love this! I don't think it's too fancy because in the book *BIG SPOILER ALERT* When she goes to live with Samantha's aunt and uncle after Grandmary gets married they buy her a new coat and she thinks it's the most stylish coat she's ever seen. *BIG SPOILER ALERT OVER* I just love it in general though! 

I love her! She's just so pretty and fancy! And she looks just like me! I think AG really likes the name Lydia because they used it for this doll, and Samantha's mother, and now for Caroline's friend!

I love Jip! He's just so cute and fluffy looking!

Um, wheres the horse? I really love it but wheres the horse?

LOVE THESE! I love the shade of the purple, it looks so pretty with her hair! And the slippers are super cute!

SO SO PRETTY! This also looks super pretty with her hair and her eyes! I love the delicateness in the soft pink, but I don't think AG should have made so many fancy dresses for her, they didn't even make one workdress!

Well, this is the same kind as that creepy Addy outfit, it's a "Dance Outfit of Today" and although Addy's was disgusting (at least in the picture) this one is really pretty! I just think it should be a MAG outfit!

Nellie gets an A- because although she is gorgeous and her things are too, she has way too many fancy dresses, and her accessories are super fancy, and no workdress even though she was a maid. Also the fact that the sleigh had no horse and I think the "Dance Outfit of  Today" should be a MAG outfit even though it's really pretty!
Next up: Kaya!



  1. I have a friend who has Nellie. i always thought Nellie was Cute! I wish AG haddent retired her.

    1. Cool! I did too, I knew AG dolls when I was about 6 but then I sort of forgot about them until I was about 9. But when I was 9 she was already gone...

  2. I totally agree! Her outfits are beautiful, but in the story she is poor!

    1. Yeah! I never actually knew that she had no workdress, I always just took it as a given that she had one. Her meet outfit was really like her birthday outfit or something though, they should have given her a nice but sort of plain meet dress, with simple but fun to play with accessories!

  3. I think most of her clothes are based on when Samantha and her uncle and aunt adopted her, but I do agree that she should have a workdress. :)

  4. Nellie is adorable! I've been looking for her on eBay! I agree, she should have less-fancy stuff. But they are still beautiful dresses! That Addy dance outfit thing was probably the worse outfit I've ever seen AG come up with- it doesn't match anything in the collection. So I agree with you on that!

    1. Me too! I know, it wasn't only actually pretty ugly but you see it and you go what the heck!


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